Benito Juárez

Today’s one-minute sketch is of Mexico’s favorite leader! Before Pedro, people voted for Benito. He ousted the French, and served five terms as President.  Benito was also the only full-blooded indigenous Zapotec to ever hold the top office!  He’s, like, the coolest Mexican dude other than Santo.

El Presidente – Benito Pablo Juárez Garc�a

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  1. Did anybody buy Anthony Hopkins as Spanish in Zorro? And is Antonio Banderas the voice of the bee in the Nasonex commercials? And how come the Spanish accent sounds so much cooler when it’s speaking English? And what’s with soccer?

  2. Soccer is the game of the gods my friend!
    Especially when the players use their angelic Spanish accents to yell and spit in English!!!

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