El Santo

Okay, Hulk Hogan was pretty cool but what if you, like, mixed him with Batman, made him Mexican, and gave him a cooler cape? You’d have the most amazing Mexican ever – El Santo! Not only did he kick the sh*it out of all his fellow luchadores for five decades, Santo and his homie Blue Demon were also regularly called upon by local big-titted gals to beat the f*ck poo out of any nefarious supernatural perv-o that happened to be messin’ with them.

Werewolves, vampire women, disembodied brains, karate experts. . . all fell before the mighty manos of Santo on the silver screen – making him not only a folk hero, but the Mexican symbol of justice!

He never took off his mask while he was sexin’ up the ladies either.

El Santo will beat the f*ck poo out of you.

Published in: on August 1, 2007 at 4:16 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. He’s hot cuz he’s fly,
    You ain’t cuz you’re not,
    This is why, this is why…
    Santo Rocks!

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