Hey, it’s everyone’s favorite pre-Socratic philosopher, Empedocles!

Like all good students of Pythagoras, he taught that all matter is made up of four elements: earth, wind, and fire – wait, no. . . earth, air, fire and water. Anyway, whatever. In addition to the previously mentioned funk mega-group, Empedocles postulated something called Love to explain the attraction of different forms of matter, and of something called Strife to account for their separation. He was also the first to state that light moved at a finite speed!

It’s rumored that he died by throwing himself into an active volcano so that his homeboys would think that he, like, transcended his body and became a god! What a weirdo.

Hot foot!

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  1. I transcended my body once, but having left my car keys in that body’s pants, I had to return so I could get a ride to Kroger.

  2. Being thrown into a volcano- is that even possible? Wouldn’t those throwing you pass out before they did the deed?

  3. So, were his homies convinced of his ‘transcendence’, or did they just go home, grab some popcorn and go chill-out at the amphitheatre? (I heard the new Hercules action-play is the shit!)

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