Karlheinz Brandenburg

Karlheinz Brandenburg is the coolest mu’ f*cker EVER!

Why? Cuz I like music, and I like it free.

Ol’ Karl is none other than the mu f*ckin’ inventor of the Moving Picture [Expert Group Level] 3 [Compression] – A.K.A. the MP3!  He didn’t make much money off of the invention, but now the record companies aren’t makin’ much money either!

I, personally, can’t thank this dude enough.  Too bad the coolest guy gets the crappiest drawing – my pen is running out of ink.  Time to steal another one from a co-worker. . .

Karlheinz Brandenburg – coolest f*cker ever.

Published in: on August 13, 2007 at 2:18 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. Brilliant! You crack me up.

  2. Dude, get your own damn pens! They have them in never-ending-supply at that workplace of yours. Just go to the supply-room, snatch a big ol’ box-full and say, “…to hell with all you bitches! I need these pens!!!”

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