Daniel Boone

Meet American pioneer, hunter, and frontiersman Daniel Boone! He explored and founded the state of Kentucky, was captured by Shawnees, fought in a coupla wars, and was an all-around “woodsy” kinda guy.

Often his exploits found him away from home for extended periods of time. Once he was gone so long that his wife Rebecca assumed that he had died, started getting it on with his brother Ned, and got preggers!

Daniel was, like, cool with it though.

Yes, his wife did give birth to his nephew though. . . but remeber, it’s Kentucky.

Daniel Boone was also one of America’s first graffiti artists! The mu’fucker taged EVERYWHERE he went – caves, trees, dumpsters, or whatever! One of his most famous tags is on a tree in Washington County, TN and reads “D. Boon Cilled a. Bar [killed a bear] on [this] tree in the year 1760”.

Manly man, yes. Good speller, no.

Daniel Boone – original graffiti artist and poor speller

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