Thor Heyerdahl

This guy is, like, totally my favorite ethnographer ever. I mean, how many other ethnographers do you even know by name? And if you know another one, is their name as cool as Thor?!? F*ck no.

Heyerdahl became most famous for his expedition on the Kon-Tiki. He and his road dogs thought that the Polynesian Islands coulda been settled by South Americans way back in the day. So, Thor built a straw raft based on old Spanish Conquistador drawings of Inca vessels – and took off to prove his point!  His boat smashed into a reef in the Tuamotu Islands on August 7, 1947.

Heyerdahl also did extensive studies on those pimp-ass heads on Easter Island. Clearly, the mighty Thor was into cool sh*t.

Production note: I took longer than a minute to draw this one – I wanted to include the boat.  It took me closer to four minutes today. 

The Mighty Thor!

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  1. I built a raft from straw and sailed it to Whitemarsh Island.

  2. Yeah, well I ended up in the belly of a whale.

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