Chang & Eng Bunker

Someone stole my f*cking pen!!!  I guess I’ll make do with this sh*tty Paper Mate. . . f*ck Paper Mate pens by the way. They suck assholio.

Anyway, Chang & Eng are the conjoined twins whose condition and place of birth became the basis for the term “Siamese twins.”

Obviously, they were born in Saim (which is Thailand today). The brothers were born joined at the sternum and had fused livers. They were discovered by a British merchant and then exhibited as a curiosity.

Getting wise to the game, Chang & Eng later went into business for themselves. But while on tour in 1839 they stopped in North Carolina, dug the area, settled, became naturalized U.S. citizens, and adopted the last name “Bunker.”

They bought a plantation and a bunch of slaves.

This is very unfunky. I was always thought Saimese twins were, like, really f*cking cool – you know, like the Yeti and chupacabras and stuff. They even had kids that fought for the Confederacy.

Chang & Eng – Siamese twins

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  1. If a slave counted as 3/5 of a person in determining the population of a state, what would Siamese twins count as?

  2. Figuring that out might require some ‘fuzzy math’.

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