Who draws these sweet-ass pictures?

These drawings are done every weekday morning by Jeremy W. Mullins.

He decides on a historically significant individual to draw on the way to work. Once seated at his cubicle, he only gives himself a minute to drop the f*cking amazing renderings that you find here (sometimes a minute and fifteen seconds or so if there’s, like, black color fills on hair or whatever).

The super-awesome quality of these sketches lead scientists to believe that Jeremy has an incredibly large penis.

Jeremy W. Mullins – A Complicated Man

Published on July 26, 2007 at 2:10 pm  Comments (12)  

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  1. Cochise and Tesla need to join forces, form a massive super duo alliance, where Cochise combines his badass skills with Nik’s mad science. Imagine this wild Apache infiltrating the lair’s of his enemies and just…shocking the shear excrement out of them!

  2. You are awesome dude! These are great! BTW.. Leaving for Charleston in four days. Hope you are well! ~jet

  3. I always hated history, but not now! Thanks for making the past worth learning about! I dropped fifty pounds in just four drawings, all without exercise! And I could eat WHATEVER I want!

    Is this a miracle? No it’s history, in an easily digestible format. Recommended by 36 out of 38 dermatologists.

  4. Wow! I love it! Now, how ’bout some cool-ass ladies?

  5. That’s just great Jer. Thanks for making us all feel woefully inadequate once again. No, really, these are awesome man. Keep em coming.

  6. Awesome work J-Dog, I’d love to see one of Claude on here! Does he fulfil the criteria of being historically significant ?

  7. Sorry dude…it’s pillow talk among your past conquests that have lead to speculation about your penis.

    That aside, what an awesome collection of historical super-geeks. Fear Abby is right, tho, add some la-a-a-dies. I’d start with Amelia Earhardt — she got high and didn’t come back.

    To the mountain top for more meditation….

  8. How about Emily Dickinson or Louisa May Alcott or Sylvia Plath (I can’t believe I know of someone that the mountain man Mantis knows not!)

    Wolverine you seriously rock with this site. You make your surrogate mama proud!

  9. Oh so thats who Cochise was. You used that name a lot. Now it all makes sense.

    And this is a very effective method. Wish you could doodle some Architectural History. Will use it for my class 🙂

  10. Sadie the Goat: Probably not what anyone expected — except Mantis!!!!!

    Your unpredictability is only overshadowed by your use of asterisk for vowels in cuss words.

    Sh*t, you rock!

  11. if they wasn’t so vulgar sometimes, I’d use ’em to teach my girls some history. I am not gonna show my man, tho’, cuz he might think that Thursday stuf is fo real!!!

  12. SCAD’s 24 Hour Comics Day:

    Then could they put down their freakin’ Sharpies and get laid for God’s sake?!?!?!

    Who knows, the rush of endorphines could prove to be fuel for some creative fires….

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